Graythorp Energy Centre

Architect’s impression of the new Energy Recovery Centre

Architect’s impression of the new Energy Recovery Centre

Plans are being drawn up by project developer Graythorp Energy Limited to build a £230 million Energy Recovery Centre for generating electricity, approximately 50% of which will be classified as renewable, on an allocated industrial site south of Hartlepool. The plant will have Combined Heat & Power (CHP) capabilities so that it will also be possible to supply heat locally for industrial use.

This website explains what is involved and gives you the chance to make observations or comments before a planning application is submitted to Hartlepool Borough Council. The application is expected to be made by the end of June this year and as part of the planning process, you will also have the opportunity to comment on the application once it is submitted and published.

In summary, the Graythorp Energy Centre will have the following benefits:

  • The creation of 300 new jobs – and up to 450 at the peak stage - during the three-year construction phase and 40 full time posts over the Centre’s operational lifetime of 25 years or more.

  • The opportunity to recover electrical energy from dry post recycling/sorted waste from industrial and household sources which would otherwise be disposed of into landfill sites or even sent to Europe for power generation there.

  • The generation of 49.5 MW (megawatts) of dependable electricity for the local grid, delivering the equivalent of the annual average consumption of more than 90,000 homes.

  • The majority of ash from the plant will be recycled for use by the construction industry.

  • Investment of significant, privately sourced capital expenditure of £230m, without the need for any government or other public subsidies or grants.

Please see below the links to further information and a link to a page where you can leave your comments or remarks for our consideration.


Ray Tucker, Managing Director, Graythorp Energy Limited

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